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Customer Relationship Management

CRM is one of the necessary tools to ensure constant demand for the company products and services.

Total transparency activities in the field of sales, marketing and customer service will enable management to quickly assess the results of the activities and plan future strategy of business development.

Basic functionality of the solution:

  • Customer base maintenance – collecting, organizing and storing information about the customers (personal data, contacts, dates, history of activities, etc.);
  • Segmentation of the customer base – the creation of target customer groups on the specified criteria (distribution channels, sales, land, seasons, etc.);
  • Up-sale calculator;
  • Loyalty and bonus programs maintenance;
  • Providing suggestions, surveys, invitations, congratulations for the target customers group;
  • Planning, organization and management of transactions;
  • Workflow automation (creation, negotiation, approval, change of contracts, prices, reporting, etc.);
  • Planning and organization of employees activities;
  • Reports, analytics, forecasts.

Benefits of the solution

CRM gives an opportunity to increase profitability growth of the company through optimal interaction with the customers, increase profitability of the customer base and reduce costs for its maintenance.