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Microsoft Partner Program

ISV ISV Royalty Licensing Program is a worldwide software licensing program for solution providers, who integrate Microsoft products and technologies in their replicable solutions. We can offer customers a complete solution, including a number of Microsoft server products at attractive price.

Benefits of Microsoft Partner Program:

  • Reduce customer costs;
  • Opportunity to provide complete solution, so that the client avoids problems and inconvenience of separate purchasing Microsoft licenses, required by the product;
  • Extending the product life cycle. After the release of the new version of Microsoft product the right of sales of the previous version is retained for 24 months according to ISV Royalty;
  • The program is available for most of the server and number of client Microsoft products, both Runtime and Full-use versions;
  • Demo solutions with Microsoft products (up to 120 days of use) and solution demonstrations are available;
  • Opportunity to sell licenses with Embedded Maintenance (Software Assurance analogue). It means an annual fee for the right to free transition to the new version of the software;
  • The right to sell not only in Russia but also worldwide.