Rus Eng

Enterprise resource planning

Common corporate information system is needed to automation, planning, management and analysis of main business processes.

We offer ERP-solution of the new generation, designed to optimize not only internal company processes, but also processes of the partners and clients.

Benefits of the solution:

  • Module structure of the system can be customized for different purposes, tasks and business-processes. Experience of the leading companies is included in ready-to-use processes and documentation;*
  • The new solution can be integrated with existing system, what means reduction of investments in the current solution;
  • The system has a high level of scalability and flexibility, and preserves efficiency and continuity of service while the company needs and number of users increase;
  • All the information about the company activities is collected in one data base for convenient access to the reports, schemes and forecasts;
  • Reduced capital costs, investments in inventory, increase in the rate of order fulfillment percentage and product profitability – all of these help to accelerate return of the investments;
  • It is possible to work offline and synchronize data online.

*All the questions about the full list of modules and more detailed information about the system can be asked here.