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Interactive online communication system

We offer a solution for the interactive services based on short message service (SMS). Subscribers' messages sent by mobile phone, are processed and immediately displayed on the TV screen in a convenient form for presentation (message text, number / percentage of votes, the interactive effect).

Benefits of the solution:

  • Fast data processing and displaying;
  • Improved perception of advertising information by including client in the process;
  • Opportunity of operative marketing research with unlimited selection of independent respondents;
  • Easy interaction with customer;
  • Simple and affordable way to transmit information based on GSM-technology.

The solution can be used:

  • In marketing research to determine consumer demand;
  • In promo actions, to attract the attention of customers to products and services;
  • In educational processes to check the intensity of learning the training material;
  • In quizzes, contests or surveys;
  • In interactive online games.