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BS Media Device

Unique Russian project that combines all the most powerful qualities of the modern receivers and media devices to organize family entertainment and leisure facilities. Currently BS Media Device has no analogues in Russian and foreign media device markets in terms of functions and capabilities.

Benefits of BS Media Device:

  • Connecting to any broadcast source: terrestrial TV, cable TV, satellite TV, IP-TV;
  • Connecting to the Internet with full access to the information as from a personal computer;
  • Wide range of own designed services, third-party developers’ widget support;
  • Additional management systems with familiar interface (tablet, smartphone, etc.);
  • Connecting external devices such as external storage media and input devices (keyboard, joystick);
  • Updatable software.

Function description


  • Reception of all possible broadcasting formats on the same device (terrestrial, satellite, cable and IP-broadcasting);
  • Intellectual Program Guide;
  • Timeshift;
  • PVR – Personal Video Recorder;
  • Catch-up TV;
  • VOD – Video on Demand;
  • Pay-per-view.


  • Video: Wide range of supported resolutions (up to 1080p) and scanning frequency (including 60p, 120p, PAL, NTSC), 2 HD-decoders with function "Picture in Picture» (PIP). Playing 3D-content;
  • Audio: Popular formats support: OGG, MP3, WAV, etc. Custom playlists, repeat, random selection using visualization or slideshow;
  • Photo: Slideshow, image rotation, scaling, using playlists.


  • Web-browser: Surfing the internet on TV-screen with fully functional high-speed web-browser;
  • Internal social network for the top-box users. Blogging, chatting, posting photos and playing online games, audio- and video-call, videoconference, etc.;
  • Media portal: Wide range of content for everybody, e.g. movies, sports, TV-shows, soap operas, cartoons, etc.;
  • Informational portal: Easy access to the latest news (political, local, financial, sport news);
  • Widgets: Supports a wide range of software modules for user convenience (Games, Weather, Currency Converter, Horoscope, etc.);
  • Integration with external social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Vkontakte).


  • HDMI 1.4 connector to display HD image;
  • S/PDIF output for multi-channel digital audio;
  • Flash, HDD: Support for external media storage for exchange or playback content;
  • Blu-ray: Integrated drive to play media content in the HD-DVD format;
  • Internet connection: LAN RJ45 (10/100/1000), Wi-Fi 802.11 (b/g/n);
  • Wireless Access Point (WAP) to group devices via Wi-Fi or LAN network;
  • Extended input: Mini keyboard for easy navigation and data entry;
  • Synchronization with mobile devices: Apple iOS and Android support;
  • Remote access: Activation and management of the device via the Internet.